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except bill, who has called these streets home for more than 20 years. once, brother john looked for help from the one person he was there to serve. >> one time he was going to stop and said bill, you know, i don't think they appreciate what doi for them. i said brother john, let me tell you. i said as long as one person appreciates what you do that, is good. >> and today there was nothing but appreciation for brother john and kindness he showed to those who don't often get it. appreciation and anger. >> that man doesn't have an enemy. waits a senseless killing. >> brother john is still clinging to life. police are not releasing his identity that. witness that we spoke to says the shooter was driving a late-model astro van. there is a $25,000 reward for an arrest in this case. reporting in oakland abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much. >> to washington next.
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still nothing encouraging to report regarding the debate over the debt keeling that drags on, still, tonight there. is a live look at the countdown to crisis clock. t-minus five days, three hours and 58 minutes. before the government supposedly runs out of money. abc 7's mark matthews is here with the latest on negotiations in washington, d.c. it looked like there was a deal a week ago. now we've got separate plans, one from republicans and one from democrats, both having trouble with the math. >> this is another day, another dollar closer to reaching the debt ceiling. and there is another chance for political parties to blame each other. >> this plan is on life support. and this is time to pull the plug. >> senator reid, i think has proven everything he does is political at this point. and this is about reelecting barack obama for president. >> and now, assessments of the plan show shavings may run
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short as well. and a congressional budget office says senate majority leader's plan saves $500 billion less than proposed and says speaker boehner's plan overpromised savings by $350 billion. >> nobody believes that the babeor problem is anything more than a big, wet kiss to the right wing. and i mean, i mean the tea party that. is who i mean. it's too bad it's being run by a small number of people. >> the speaker's version is now being reworked. the tea party express rally went on in washington. supporters vowed not to back down. >> this president said when you call them, tell them we've got to balance the budget. >> this is where the dow dropped as it has all week, investors want a sign of a debt deal, so far they don't seem to see it. >> and on monday, president obama and speaker boehner took
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arguments to the nem dualing speeches. coming up at 6:00 tonight how the president and the speaker stretched the truth as we fact check their statements. dan? >> okay. thank you. >> and there is a survey showing californian who's live along the coast are more optimistic about the economy than those who live inland. according to citi bank, 61% of the los angeles residents believe job opportunities will improve over next year. san francisco is second follow bid san diego at 53%. and sacramento and fresno trailed at 48% and 47%. and analysts say results are not surprising since unemployment remains high in those areas. the survey of 1900 people was conducted in june. now, we'd like to hear your personal testimonial. how did the recession impact your life? record it on your cell phone and upload to it you so we can use to it tell your story.
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>> and california will soon join west virginia as the only state in the nation without state fund adult day care centers. 300 centers serving 35,000 disabled, poor and elderly californians will be forced to close by december 1 when the funding runs out. they're the victims of the state's bear-boned budget. governor brown vetoed a bill that would have kept those centers open but says that his administration is working on finding suitable alternative autos when it comes to adult day care we're going carefully and slowly. to transition each of the individuals into an appropriate program. >> but adult day care providers say few clients qualify for other program that's could help them like medical. it stands centers will have to raise money on their open to stay open or contract wex pensive managed care providers.
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>> and care quality officials say at this point it looks like there is no health hazard from a fire in a plastics plant in fairfield that dominated news yesterday. the blaze sent a huge cloud of toxic smoke into the air. people in a nearby neighborhood were told to stay inside and keep their windows closed for a time. shelter in place. investigators say employees sparked the fire while doing maintenance work in the storage yard of the sta facility. health officials say despite the fact plastics burned it appears toxins sent into the air were no worse than a normal wildfire, which is remarkable. you can see the thick, dark cloud of smoke. they say waits not as toxic. we're learning about the investigation into the trace elementary school fire. it destroyed 16 classrooms and caused $15 million in damage. and according to documents, mercury news, police say two teenagers admitted to starting
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it. and detailed how they lit the fire in two locations. the teenagers are being tried as adults. >> and a rally tonight in hayward for a missing nursing student michelle lee, last seen at kaiser hospital in hayward, family and friends say they're maintaining community strength and keep hope alive that he they will find her. the rally begins at 6:00 p.m. at mount eden park in hayward. >> and the brother of a man killed in a police-involved shooting in san francisco bay view is now under arrest. the 21-year-old andrel harding taken into custody in seattle where he's a murder suspect. police say his brother, 19-year-old kenneth harding shot himself to death while falling after being hit by a police bullet. that round and another one that killed harding were different calibers. four separate investigations into harding's death are now underway.
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and two men arrested following a shooting of an 11-year-old san francisco girl have been released from jail because of a lack of evidence. the girl shot in the chest when a stray bullet pen straighted -- penetrated walls of her apartment friday night. she's still in critical condition. she's at san francisco general hospital. police arrested two men, ages 19 and 20 on saturday. and prosecutors did not have enough evidence to charge them. and investigators say the case is still, however, open and active. >> pleasant toon's only no-kill animal shelter is in dire straits tonight. so much so, it's on the verge of having to close its doors permanently. the valley humane society serves entire tri-valley area and faces staffing and programming cuts if it doesn't raise $125,000 in the next 30 days. relying on public donations which are down 31% in this economy. >> the last few years we've seen a steady decline in
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donations. our board has worked very hard to deal with the issue. and unfortunately, we just can't, we can't compensate on our own, anymore, we need help. >> the humane society gets no local, state or federal funding, depending on donations from private citizens and lowered the number of animals it cares for by half. this is because of the financial constraints. >> and walnut creek police are looking for a car thief who also made off with valuable san francisco giants pair kneela. the camera caught the suspect outside of mcdonalds. the owner of a silver hyundai went in to get coffee, leaving the key in the ignition. the thief drove off with the car and giants paraphernalia inside. and include bats and balls autographed by willy mccovey. valuable stuff.
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>> and a lot more to bring you here tonight at 5:00 ai. woman singlehandedly ties up an emergency call center. what she did that put everyone in danger. >> and... the force working against george lucas and storm troopers in a court of law today. >> and i'm sandhya patel. warmth is building. temperatures continuing to rise. how much warnler it's going to get in the coming days when i get back. >> and also tonight, game-show host alex trebek ends up in jeopardy himself. why he's on crutches now. the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it seems call of nature isn't helping to budge a gray whale stuck in the clammage river. rescuers hoping to get this whale who you have-to-move. it just didn't work.
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the whale and calf wandered into the river in late june. the calf went back to the ocean saturday. the mother is still stuck. >> a san francisco judge issued a tentative ruling that could strike a proposed circumcision ban from the upcoming ballot. saying cities and counties can not regulate medical issues. a pro moanent filed an opposition to the ruling so oral arguments taking place tomorrow morning on this issue. and a legal victory today for supporters of embryonic stem cell research stem cell research. a federal appeals court dismissed the lawsuit threatening to end all federal funding of embryonic stem cell research claiming research funded by national institutes of health violate aid law prohibiting taxpayer financing for work that harms an embryo. the court sided with the obama administration in this case, which argued embryos were culled long ago, using private funding. researchers hope that embryonic stem cell research stem cell research can one day
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cure spinal cord injuries, parkinson's disease and other human ailments. a small group of people in east san jose are fed up with the i way a local banking branch is maintaining foreclosed homes. about 20 members of the community organization took three small trash bags into the branch. the garbage came perfect a property own bid wells fargo, serviced by bank of america. san jose code enforcement say they're going to fine owner who's don't properly maintain properties. bank of america tells abc 7 news it will pay fines and clean up property within 48 hours. a sacramento woman faces charges tonight for excessively dialing 911. chp arrested the 44-year-old jennifer today for making nondrg emergency calls to chp command center in sacramento. police say in june she called 911 a total of, ready for this?
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2147 times, all nonemergency calls. on the 4th of july she accused of calling 180 times. today the chp says it received more than 130 calls. she's charged with unlawful use of 911. why she's allegedly doing it, unknown at this point. and low income residents of san francisco now have a healthier option for using their food stamps. the heart of the city farmers market in the civic center is searching for -- reaching out, rather to neighbors for offering healthy food options and takes cal fresh cards, and organizers want to make sure everyone takes advantage of the program. >> we're surprised how few people know they can use their food stamps here at the market to buy wholesome, fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers. >> the heart of the city farmer's market separates praits wednesdays and sundays in the city. this year, celebrating its
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30th anniversary. >> and continental airlines forced to cancel two dozen flights because many pilots called in sick. most flights were out of newark, new jersey. it operates a large hub. they did not elaborate on the crew problem but work today to get customers on alt in a knit flights. and united airlines is working to stream line operations into one airline. labor negotiations have been contentious. flights at bay area airports are not affect bid this. >> and some of the world's brightest whiz kids came to google today to participate in the "national geographic" world championships moderated by alex trabec. >> he's a heavy supporters "national geographic". 23 years hosting this. >> the man who made what is a
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well known phrase left everyone asking what happened? after entering the stage. >> the answer is... at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall, at my san francisco hotel. >> more on the who is in just a moment. but first, let's talk about what brought the host of jeopardy to an san francisco. he's moderated the world championships. this year, hosted by google. >> the island which is part of what country? >> italy. >> no. it's spain. spain. >> and teams from 18 countries participated. today the top three countries canada, chinese taipei and russia answered questions. >> two points for you in the
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end there was a team from russia who won the top prize. brian mcclendon is with google earth. >> we discovered and felt this was a perfect avenue for us. >> not to take away from competition, but let's get back to why he's on crutches. he says he caught a woman stealing money and jewelry from a san francisco hotel room. >> i said what are you doing? i said what are you doing said visiting friends. i said... no, you weren't. let's see what security has to say about that. i reached for the phones to call security, she bolted. ran down the hall, i chased and didn't get more than 25 feet before my right achilles tendon ruptured. and i... crashed to the ground. >> and well apparently he gave hotel security an accurate description of the woman. she was caught in the lobby. most everything was recovered except cash and a bracelet.
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he will have surgery on friday, and will be in a cast for six weeks. he says it could have happened anywhere. >> in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much. what a strange story that is and glad he's okay. and sandhya patel is here. and there is a look at the forecast. we're in a nice stretch of weather. >> if you like the heat, next couple days are your kind of weather dweemplting to get into mid to upper 90s as we head into next couple days and got up to 94 today in livermore. and tomorrow, 9 1k36 close to 100 degrees thachl is not until friday n time for weekend plans. there is a live picture, wind not a factor. showing another live picture, it shows you our contrasting micro clim yits thchl is a view from our sutro camera looking towards san francisco. you can see fog sitting there, san francisco, only into 60s today and like i said, livermore goat goth into 90s.
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and there is a satellite picture from afternoon. you'll notice off the coastline here there is a circulation formed off our coastline this afternoon. it's a week eddy. it helps to pull fog away and provided with us lots of sunshine. temperatures coming up today. and are going to continue to see number goesing up. low 90s now inland. 80s around the peninsula, south bay and north bay. and there is areas of fog, coast and bay, warmer tomorrow. and warmth holds into the weekend fchl you have outdoor plans it's going to be a beautiful weekend. and fog tonight around the coast and locally, inland. areas into 50s except antioch. taking a look at water vapor imagery. there is a hot air
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mass that is expanding across the desert southwest moving our way a little bit. we're going continue to see a warming trend over the next couple days. tomorrow morning, usual fog. in over the bay, pulling away from the bayside communities, and sitting still near the coast. so as fog lingers, temperatures into 60s, and inland areas we'll get into 90s once again. it's inching up for the next few days. there is highs for thursday into the south bay, 86 san jose and cupertino. and there is sunshine looking at 78 in palo alto. los altos, 85 degrees, fog holding new check. 62 in pacifica. and there is downtown coming up to 69 degrees, getting close to 70 there. patches of fog still around daily city. 63 degrees. and there is into north bay
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you're going to see upper 90s in places and 87 in santa rosa. and there is 90 degrees in calistoga. along the coast, into 60s. east bay communities 75 oakland, 82 union city. and inland areas, you're going to run warm. 95 in livermore and fairfield. around the bay, 68 degrees in monterey. 76 for you in santa cruz. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's very warm, bordering hot, inland heading into friday. mid to upper 90s, coastal areas 60s to 70s. and you'll notice, still, mid-90s inland over the weekended. mid 60s to low 70s along the coastline. temperatures moderating early next week. >> and not insane. >> not excessively. >> thank you very much. >> coming up here next, tee shirt demand at a dolly parton theme park that turned a trip inside out. and new at 6:00 from michael
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finney, a bay area woman taught the difference between gift cards and gift certificates. back in a moment. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide.
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and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. a tee shirt supporting same-sex marriage has prompted an investigation at dollywood, the theme park owned by dolly parton this, month, a park official ordered a woman to wear the tee shirt inside ought. thought the marriage -- message on it, marriage is so gay might offend others. dolly parton urged park owe lishls to resolve this issue. the finger -- singer was performing here in the east bay. >> the force is not always with george lucas.
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britain's supreme court dealt a blow to lucas's company. trying to stop a prop designer from making and selling the iconic star wars storm trooper helmets. the designer now sells replicas over the internet. the court ruled they were props and therefore, could be replicated. however, the court did uphold u.s. copy right laws and ruled they cannot be sold here. >> and coming up on the news at 5:00, bad rap on the debt ceiling showdown turns into a real rap. catch the beat as we continue.
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♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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coming up at 6:00 we'll have more on alex trabek's suspected hotel room intruder who. she is, what police say went down in that hallway. >> also, the campaign to get
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san francisco's ed lee to run for mayor. he would be the front runner but also a target. and cutting adult day care in california. pardon me, we'll follow up with a blogger taking a look at the humanitarian crisis developing in africa, coming up tonight at 6:00. now, back to you. >> see you then. >> all of the bickering in washington over the debt ceiling sounds better when you add a good beat. ♪ [ music ] . >> comedian remi took a unique approach inventing frustration, his rap has become one of the top videos on you tube. he takes jabs at the obama administration, criticizing those who want to increase the debt limit saying debt is more unsustainable than his rap career. and he's right about the latter, boy say. >> that is our report here at 5:00. world news is up

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